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As You Like It

Silvius pines for Phebe, but Phebe is having none of it. She responds to his accusation of looks that could kill with her own impassioned self-defense.

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As the scene opens, young Silvius pleads with Phebe not to reject him so bitterly, lest she prove worse than the “common executioner,” who has enough decency to ask forgiveness of those he kills. Phoebe mocks Silvius’s hyperbolic language, asking why he fails to fall down if her eyes are the murderers he claims them to be.

ISABELLA HOTCHKIN (Phebe) is a Sophomore at Franklin Central School. She loves photography, film, poetry, and theater. Bella was an intern for FSC’s 2019 season and came back for more! She has been involved in many Drama productions at her school and operates lights and other tech there. She is very excited to be working at the stage again this year. 

ARTURO HERNANDEZ (Silvius)  is a New York based actor from Austin, TX. He recently graduated from Cap21/Molloy College Conservatory where he received his BFA in Musical Theatre. His most recent credit is Melchior Gabor (Spring Awakening). He had such a blast being a part of this fun and unique twist of Shakespeare’s As You Like it! He hopes you enjoy it as much as he did. May you all be safe, healthy, and blessed with many more dramatic FaceTimes! 

PATRICIA BUCKLEY & LESLIE NOBLE (Producers) have been the Executive Artistic Directors at the Franklin Stage company since 2017 where they have produced and presented productions such as Arthur Miller's The Price, A Walk in the Woods, Doubt, Billy Bishop Goes to War and Possessing Harriet. They have hosted a variety of artists from various disciplines in Chapel Hall such as Annie Lewandowski, Stephan Wolfert and Erin Layton.

TOM BERGIN (Video) started his career recording audio for CBS News, specializing in fast-moving, documentary-style journalism. He has since worked on many documentary features, including An Inconvenient Truth and My Architect, as well as projects for Public Policy Productions and Maysles Films. Tom traveled the world to record Not My Life (human slavery) and A Closer Walk (AIDS). He has recorded all of the behind-the-scenes footage for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s forthcoming In the Heights

CHRIS O’CONNOR (Associate Producer) is Artistic Director of Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken, NJ. Last year, Chris directed FSC’s production of Billy Bishop Goes to War. He received a 2017 Award of Excellence from the New Jersey Theatre Alliance. He produces MST's annual 10-minute play festival 7th Inning Stretch and has directed over 20 productions at MST. He has directed at theatres and universities all over America, and his recent work at MST includes I and You, Betrayal, Circle Mirror Transformation, and the world premiere of Long Gone Daddy. Chris is Assistant Professor in Theatre Arts at Molloy College/CAP21 and is currently serving as Interim Chair.

SCOTT HOLDREDGE (Production Support) is excited to be back with FSC this summer. He is currently full-time faculty at SUNY Cortland. His most recent work at SUNY Cortland was Scenic Designer on Lysistrata, Head Over Heels and Curious Incident of the Dog in The Nightime. Scott has also worked for Syracuse Opera, Syracuse University, and Unatego High School theaters as their set/lighting designer and technical director. Scott has worked in NYC, LA, and San Diego in theater, corporate events, theme parks, haunted houses and film.

I would not be thy executioner:
I fly thee, for I would not injure thee.
Thou tell'st me there is murder in mine eye:
'Tis pretty, sure, and very probable,
That eyes, that are the frail'st and softest things,
Who shut their coward gates on atomies,
Should be call'd tyrants, butchers, murderers!
Now I do frown on thee with all my heart;
And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee:
Now counterfeit to swoon; why now fall down;
Or if thou canst not, O, for shame, for shame,
Lie not, to say mine eyes are murderers!
Now show the wound mine eye hath made in thee:
Scratch thee but with a pin, and there remains
Some scar of it; lean but upon a rush,
The cicatrice and capable impressure
Thy palm some moment keeps; but now mine eyes,
Which I have darted at thee, hurt thee not,
Nor, I am sure, there is no force in eyes
That can do hurt.

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