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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

FSC is committed to creating a Culture of Belonging for everyone. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whoever you pray to or vote for, whoever you love, whatever the color of your skin, whatever abilities or disabilities you hold in your body, FSC is committed to being a place that welcomes and values you.

The vision of FSC is to be a haven for artistic excellence, belonging, and intrinsic joy. Although there are many forces that profit from dividing us, this extraordinary place gives us an opportunity to come together. We want all people to experience that haven and home in our Franklin theatre community. Our policy of admission-free theater (donations gratefully accepted) is one way we work to remove barriers to access. Over the past several years, we’ve brought a wider variety of perspectives to FSC’s stages. We know we have more work to do and that by doing it, we can create theatre of exceptional quality. 

In 2021, FSC together with our Board initiated an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion policy to include staff members, seasonal employees, visiting artists, contractors, volunteers and Board, informed by the work done in society and the larger theatre world. The company strives to explore and integrate practices that make our commitment of creating a Culture of Belonging possible. FSC works year-round to develop and adopt institutional practices that support all members of the FSC community.*



*Freely and gratefully adapted with permission from The Creede Repertory Theatre.