Auditions & Submissions


Franklin Stage Company is an Actors' Equity Association theater and operates under a Small Professional Theater IV Contract.  FSC will hold Equity Principal Auditions for their upcoming production of Doubt, by John Patrick Shanley.

Audition Date: Saturday, May 19th, from 10am – 6pm (lunch from 1:00-2:00pm)


Location: Franklin Stage Company at Chapel Hall, 25 Institute St, Franklin, NY, in the theater. For directions scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Preparation: please be familiar with the play and characters. Sides from the play will be provided. Please bring a picture and resume stapled together.


Appointments: First come, first seen.*

*Please note: Equity union rules require us to see union members before non-union members.


Production Information:

Director: Julie Kline

Producing Artistic Directors: Leslie Noble and Patricia Buckley (will be at auditions)

1st rehearsal:     July 24

Opening:          August 10

Closing:            August 26

Show schedule: Thursdays & Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 3:00 & 7:30pm, and Sundays at 5:00pm.


Casting Breakdown:

Sr. Aloysius:      cast

Fr. Flynn:          cast

Seeking the actors for:

Sr. James:  early–late 20’s, is a young, idealistic nun and new teacher at St Nicholas School in the Bronx. She is sweet, affectionate, passionate about teaching and loves history. Sister James teaches with enthusiasm to motivate her students to care about their subjects. When mother superior Sr. Aloysius accuses Fr. Flynn of impropriety, Sister James is torn between Sr. Aloysius’ suspicions and her affection for the likable Fr. Flynn, who shares her love of teaching.  As the battle between Sister Aloysius and Fr. Flynn intensifies, her faith is threatened and she must reckon with the loss of her innocence.

Mrs. Muller:  mid 30’s to early 40’s, is an African-American woman, working class, the mother of Donald Muller, a new student at St. Nicholas and its first African American student. She’s a realist; weary and wary of the world. She has learned to "accept what she has to accept and work with it." Mrs. Muller is doing her best to protect her son in very difficult circumstances. Her husband, Donald’s father, disapproves of the boy and is abusive towards him. She is concerned about her son’s future, but grateful that he has the opportunity to attend St. Nicholas. She appreciates the attention Father Flynn has paid to Donald and feels that he is a positive influence in Donald’s life. She believes Donald may get into a good high school and even college, if he can just get through 8th grade at St. Nicholas.

Franklin Stage Company is an equal opportunity employer.


Franklin Stage Company is not currently accepting unsolicited scripts.