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Trouble in Mind Submissions

The first production of our 2024 season is Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress. Written in 1955, the play is set on the first day of rehearsal for Chaos in Belleville, a fictional Broadway play that purports to tackle harsh truths about race in America. Wiletta Mayer, a middle-aged African American actress at the top of her game, has spent her career playing stereotypes—mammies, maids, and other menials—and finally has her chance to do a lead Broadway role. But when difficult realities spill out of the play and into the rehearsal room, will Wiletta’s insistence on her dignity and the play’s integrity cost her the work she so desperately wants?

  • First rehearsal—June 18
  • Opening—July 5
  • Closing—July 21
  • Contract—SPT, Tier IV: 5 shows/week, Thursdays–Sundays

Roles we are seeking are below. Click boxes to download sides for your audition. Upload your video submission to YouTube, Vimeo, or your G-Drive, then click the red SUBMIT AUDITION button on the right to complete your submission.

When submitting, upload headshot/resume as 1 PDF (not 2). Please submit only once.

If you experience technical difficulties, please email [email protected].


Wiletta is an experienced middle-aged African American actress who speaks out about racial problems in the script of the play she is hired to perform. Please include an acappella musical selection of 16 bars of a blues or gospel song after performing the side.


Male, 60s, Caucasian. An elderly Irish doorman at the theatre, Henry is Wiletta’s only consistent ally.


John Nevins

Male, 20’s, African American. An idealistic young actor making his Broadway debut, John is skeptical of Wiletta’s advice to him.


Eddie Fenton

Male, 40’s, Caucasian. Stage Manager of the production.


Bill O’Wray

Male, 50’s, Caucasian. Leading man of the Broadway production. Strong and confident onstage but a constant worrier offstage.

FSC will receive submissions through March 4, 2024.

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